Molly's Homepage

I own and run a small, very successful
and relatively prosperous company in 
Zhuhai, China.  I would like to meet a
nice, sincere, caring and self-aware
American to be my husband.  I think
that you'll find that I am intelligent,
outgoing, witty, confident, creative,
strong, open minded, adventurous, sexy,
and caring.  If you are serious about
wanting to build a happy family with
my daughter and I, here are some more
things about me:

Languages:  Mandarin, Cantonese, some English

Occupation: Entrepreneur, Business owner, and             formerly a TV journalist

Likes:      classical music, singing, dining out,           meeting people, photography, writing,         philosophical and societal discussions


36 years old, 5'2", 100 pounds, black hair/eyes, excellent health, fit, non-smoker, non-drinker, sociable, caring, good-natured, hard working, perceptive, youthful, romantic, independent, imaginative, intuitive and loyal. I think I have a great personality with a great capacity for love. I have an 10 year old daughter who is very smart, cute, and a great joy in my life.


I am looking for a caucasian or chinese man, age 40-55 who is caring, responsible, cooperative, generous, confident, has no psychological or physical problems, who can love my daughter and strive to nurture a happy and stable family. I will love very passionately, be attentive and loyal. I expect no less in return.


If you are interested in me, please contact me via email at Please tell me about yourself, including age, occupation, home and email addresses, and telephone number. For a quicker response, please include your photo.

If you can write Mandarin chinese, I believe we can communicate better.